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Drum Circles

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Drum Circle Offerings
Drum Circle (a definition): "A gathering at which people use hand drums from many cultures and various percussion elements to create in-the-moment musical masterpieces. No previous musical experience required."

By definition, drum circles are places where we explore possibilities. As we create music together we experience feelings of accomplishment for ourselves while contributing to something bigger than ourselves--the circle in which we are playing our music.

In the circle we learn from each other and the music we make transcends artificial differences and labels of age, ethnicity, gender and ability.

The unity of the drum circle is also spiritual, healing and therapeutic. Drum circles are held in retirement communities, at men's or women's spiritual gatherings; for adults with Alzheimers or developmental disabilities and for at-risk youth.

To create a drum circle experience, we need instruments and a little guidance. This guidance is called "facilitation." Rhythm facilitators guide everyone to a place where we feel confident making music together. Sometimes little facilitation is needed; other times, particularly when there are many beginners or young children, more facilitation and instruction may be called for.

Heather Poyner, facilitator for Rhythm in the Round Drum Circles, has offered drumming to groups and schools in Kenosha, Racine,  Milwaukee and northern Illinois since 2001.

Drum Circle Events are great for:
  • Birthdays (ages 1-100+)
  • Weddings & anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Special needs children & adults
  • Seniors
  • Bar mitzvahs
  • Diversity training
  • Corporate team building
  • Women's/Men's Groups
  • Spirit/Full Moon celebrations
  • Just for Fun!
Fees are determined by group size and distance from Kenosha, WI. Call or email for details.


Ongoing Drum Circles
*Kenosha, Milwaukee & northern Illinois*


Northern Illinois
  • Rhythm Academy,  Waukegan. Call Jerry Sullivan, 1-847-244-4944. Website: www.RhythmAcademy.com
  • East Side Drum, Quaker Meeting House, 3224 N. Gordon Place, Milwaukee. Call Russ Anderson, 1-414-482-0246.
  • Rhythm for Unity, 1325 N. 72nd St., Wauwatosa. Third Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Hosted by Tom Gill who also offers drum classes, workshops and facilitated circles for all ages and abilities. Website: www.rfunity.com. Call: 1-414-774-8848.

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